What are Witness Your World NFTs and Editions?

Witness Your World

Is a project conceptualised by the Leroy Brothers. The platform provides users the possibility to create art under the label WYW.
By creating art the users get credits and participate in co-financing charities based on your acquisition. 

For additional information about co-financing charities, you can retrieved the info in the Smart Contracts. 


Every artwork generated on Witness Your World can be dropped on Solsea or OpenSea as a NFT. This means that your artwork is certified and authenticated on a blockchain, so no doubt exists you are the only owner of that image.


Leroy Brothers Editions are physical representations of the NFTs generated on Witness Your World. This means that a print from the highest quality is produced from the digital assets. Those editions  are digitally certified with VERISART, but are not on the blockchain. From every sold edition a percentage goes to the related organisation as written in the Smart Contract.


How does Witness Your World work?