We have been working together as artists collective for more than two decades. A lot has happened between the time we created our first painting on an old table cloth in the garden and our technological multimedia installations today. At first sight, the two seem to have little in common.


Every project has been a logical consequence of the previous one: images and texts have been our leitmotiv during the years. 

The artworks created with Witness Your World have resulted in different outcomes such as multi-media installations, epoxy, paintings, collages, prints and NFT's.

NFTs are the result of never ending development in technology. Blockchain is making this project more feasible than ever before. It gives the project the possibility to underline our vision to sustain projects thanks to the transparency of Smart Contracts. 

Now our studio has the ability to continue developing Witness Your World project for the users and for the charitable community. 

Never the less Leroy Brothers will keeps the Prêt-à-Crôcher collection Witness Your World to increase revenue for the ecosystem. It is up to the technical team to find a way to relate the shares of the sales of the physical artworks to the related charity and more.  



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