The Prêt-à-Crocher collections consist of Unique Artworks created with User-Generated Content from Witness Your World, an art project by artists Leroy Brothers

The artworks act as a mirror of society at specific moments in time.

For every collection created, 10% of the total revenues are donated to a related charitable organisation or NGO. By doing so, pictures and messages receive an extra life. 

To offer more people the possibility to support the project, Leroy Brothers propose their so-called “Prêt-à-Crocher Collection”, with prices for Unique Editions ranging from € 190 for the smallest (30 x 50 cm) to € 4.800 for XXL artworks (210 x 350 cm). 

For a better understanding of their oeuvre, visit Leroy Brothers or take a look at following publications: 

Two Decades of Artistic Collaboration  read online here