“LONESOME LONER” was created as a response to the times we went through after the COVID 19 outbreak, where unexpected events forced us to self-isolate for an undefined amount of time. The pandemic only did emphasise and generalise this mood. 

Parts of every sold artworks of this collection will go to Solomon project.

Solomon aims to bring people from different backgrounds to the forefront, to build bridges among communities, and work together to create a safe environment for the exchange of ideas and dialogs regarding the issues that matter to us and affect our lives. 


Special attention is paid to the 72 selected users who created the artworks of the collection through artificial intelligence:

Adnes Vetési, Agi Verdes, Alexander Emese Lazar, Alexey(3011), Andras Tulok, Andrius Vaitkevicius, Arthur De Maeyer, Caroline Morel, Chantal Formizzi, Christian Ruaro Andersen, Christophe, Davide Capri, Diana N, Dianka, Dodo Tan, Ejmawson, Elena Gatto, Elis Laut, Eliza, Evelyne Leroy, Gabor Hermann, Gaia Dominici, Galia Rogner, Ganduras, Iryna Shabaykovych, Janina Muratova, José Hernan Cibils, Julian Andrew Holtom, Katrin prosto katrin, Kevin Torck, Laurent Delens, Laurent Piton, Lazar Sandor DR, Longuine, Luba Barnes, magdalena smielewski, Magi Jansen, Maina Mironenko, Maria, Maria Elena Udali, Maria Mironenko, Marti Borsay, Nys Jim, Olivier Vasconcelos, Phil Brayton, Sam Leach, Sephen Galle, Serge, Sergei Fawkes, Sergey Nesterenko, Solarixx, Sophie Gere, Stefan Bracke, Stubags, Summerof76, Tajm, The G, Tia, Tim gravenstock, Tomhanx, Tony Philmore, Tonybe, Ven, Zsuzsa DarabЛюда ХАРЧЕНКОВА, Марго Лосева & Настя Полякова.