The art has been created as an attempt to raise awareness of how we still easily pollute the AIR we all need to breathe to survive. We should all stand still for a moment and question what can be done on a personal level to respond to this major issue.

We pledge with this collection to donate a part of every sale of this collection to the "Sierra Club" to support their vision and mission. Sierra Club works for clean air, safe water, and land protection.




And many thanks to the contribution of the following Witness Your World users: 

Agi verdes, Alexandra Emese Lazar, Alexey(3011), Andras Tulok, Andrius Vaitkevicius, Anibas Hvostikowa, Anna Snetkova, Annelies MeulemeesterCaroline Morel, Cedric Engels, Chantal Formizzi, Christian Ruaro Andersen, Cynthia Xiang, Darya, Diana Samenova, Dianka, Diego, Edo Grigione, Elena Gatto, Elis LautGábor Hermann, Gabor, Sioreti, Gaia Dominici, Galia Rogner-Cohen, Iona Vanborm, Janina Muratova, Jill, Katrin, Kevin Harper, Levente Kádár, magdalena smielewski, Magi Jansen, Maria Elena Udali, Marina Mironenko, Márti Borsay, Martius FY Lin, Matteo Fogli, Niels, Novik, Pauline de Graeve, Peter Vruggink, Phil Brayton, Pierre, Privet Andrey, Sarah Rajskub, Solarixx, Stubags, tajm, Tatiana, The G, Tim Gravenstock, TomHanx, Vanbellingen Hugo, Xander Fischer, Дмитрий Сукочев, Настя, Черданцев Александр


The Artworks are created from the system of Witness Your World. The algorithm creates combinations of the images related to "AIR". 

The “BETWEEN AIR” prêt-à-crocher art collection has been created as an attempt to raise awareness.